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Thai Massage

Otherwise referred to as Nuad Phaen Boran, Thai Massage has been around for a long time. It involves  using many different natural medicine routines and methods that come from ancient Chinese and Indian culture.

Usually done lying flat on the floor, the Thai massage is known as one of the most clinical and efficient of the massage techniques. It makes no use of any oils, like normal massages do – instead, the Thai massage is made through clothes. If you are looking for a more spiritual, old-school approach for your massage, then Thai massage could be something for you.

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It uses techniques like acupressure and bending or stretching of the muscles/limbs to help your entire body run at its maximum. By applying pressure on your muscles and organs that overlap, you can reach a high level of stimulation and comfort. The Thai massage is arguably the hardest to sit through without really feeling the pressure on your back, but the results are truly outstanding. Not only does extra stimulation in the body improve your function, it improves flexibility as a whole.  Because of that, you may have heard, that Thai massage is sometimes being referred as Lazy Mans Yoga.

Energy from Thai massages

Thai massages are recognized as an exceptional way to relieve stress and give yourself a far more comfortable day in general. It also helps your body become stimulate which can help you be more mobile and flexible. Besides these two great features, Thai massage can also help improve muscle function and bone function massively, because your entire body will be pushed and turned into the right shape it should be in.

For your health

Considering that this massage is based on techniques that have worked for many years. And because your whole body will be running at its very maximum, you may find that you are also stronger against illness after a Thai massage. Your body will be running at its top level, because your respiratory system and your digestive system will undoubtedly be helped out by the Thai massage. This means that you are more prepared for an illnesses, which usually catches us when we are unaware.

So if you decide to take a massage and you have never tried Thai massage, think about  it.

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