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Sport massage

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Sport massage is part of the sport trainings system and it is done to improve the athlete’s physics.

Difference between classical and sports massage:

It would be wrong to think that sport massage is done more strongly than classical. The difference lies in the goal of the athlete and with what field of sports he/she is focusing on. Sport massage may also include more stretching and breaking the muscle fibers up.

A lot depends on when the massage is being taken – before or after training, during competing, recovering from a trauma or to maintain the physics. On that depends the variety of moves, time for the massage and speed of the work.

Recovering sport massage

Primary effects – indicate on athletes physiological and psychological state, involving improved mental capability and overall relaxing.

Secondary effects – ability related, increase of energy, quicker recovery, reducing of pain.

I have also written a bit about different sports and areas they take effect the most, how massage helps muscles to develop healthily and about the massage proportion while doing sports. If you are interested in reading the article click here.

NB! If you take massage it is advised to take it after training or on the training free day!

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