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Massage for pregnant

Pregnant massage is for a healthy expecting mother in all ways useful and recommended procedure, that helps to stay fit, prevent swellings, tiredness of the feet, back pains and helps to prepare for the birth. It would be recommended to consult with your doctor before coming to the massage – if you scroll down you will find different risks, indications and contraindications.

How will it be done:

The massage will be done on the floor on a mat like the Thai massage.

Placing the mother on the mat will give the masseuse a good access to the back, because she would be lying on the side. Also it gives an edge while massaging the feet – it could be done on the back (if the mother can be), on the side or while she is sitting up.

Depending how the baby and the mother is feeling the positions can be changed and by using pillows and blankets the massage can be made in a position as comfortable as possible.

NB: On the first trimester the massage can be done on the table as a classical one, because the tummy is not on the way – it is only important to observe that the lower back is not touched. The reason is to be believed that on the first trimester it would call forth the child birth.

It is ok to do the massage for the pregnant if the health of expectant mother is good and the pregnancy is developing normally. On any disorders an immediate consultancy should be made with the doctor.

Usual complaints that can be relieved with massage:

  • Slight backache
  • Heaviness in lower back, hips, feet, overall tiredness of the back
  • Feet cramps
  • Tensions in the neck and shoulders
  • “Dying” of the arms
  • Psychic tension
  • Sleeping disorders

Risk pregnancies – times when written note from the doctor that the massage is allowed is needed:

  • Mothers under 18 and over 35, expecting more than one
  • Earlier problems with pregnancy, miscarriage of the pregnancy before
  • Cervical problems
  • Fetuses abnormal heart rate
  • The decrease or absence of fetuses movements
  • The fixation of the fetus
  • Presumable Rh-conflict or other genetic problem
  • Low gain in weight
  • The mother has asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronically high blood pressure
  • Anemia
  • Epilepsy, cramps
  • Lung – or liver disease
  • Taking drugs or alcohol consuming
  • Insufficient nutrition

Expecting a baby is a miraculous time in a woman’s life, if you can enjoy it the fullest.  Discover options that propitiate it and accept the body changes that come with it. Informed preparation at the time of pregnancy provides better feeling and a quicker recovery after the child birth.

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