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Kinesiology taping

About the tape

It is made out of elastic, cotton material and with acrylic glue. It does not contain any medicine, it is developed so that it would move with the skin and therefore would support the muscles movement and lymphatic systems job. It should hold on at least for 3-7 days, some cases it has remained up to 14 days. You can go to sauna, wash, and swim or train while wearing it. After you wash up you simply have to dry it up with a towel, do not rub, oil or put cream on it – it will make the tape to come off more easily.

Four main physiological effects

  • Reduces pain in the skin and appendages/ fastsia (increasing the room under the skin)
  • Normalizing muscle functions (overload, muscle inflammation, weak muscle)
  • Removes piled lymphatic liquid and bruising faster
  • Corrects the axial movement between muscles, fastsia and joints, also improves balance between muscles.


  • To lower pain, swelling and inflammations after traumas. Teipimine 2Also helps to do the right movement and increases the radius of the movement
  • Constraintment caused by muscle pain
  • Muscle irregularity
  • Muscle weakness
  • Scar treatment
  • Postoperatively good rehabilitation aid
  • At pregnancy a good way to lower swellings and to support muscles
  • Headache


  • Skin diseases, changes
  • Deep infection
  • Allergies because of the tape – very rare ( there is a tape for a tender skin)
  • Open wounds
  • Medicine for example kortisoon, lowers of the blood pressure – they propitiate tender skin
  • Pregnancy 1- trimester lower back

A little history about the tape

Kinesiology (kinesis – movement, logos – teaching) is a science, that studies mans motility, which means movement activity and posture mechanisms.

Kinesiological taping – kinesiotaping – method was developed 1978 in Japan, by Dr. Kenzo Kase. Its goal was to support natural bodily healing processes with a special muscle or joint taping technique with a tape of a special material. This technique came to Estonia 2006.

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