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Classical massage

Klassikaline 2Classical massage. Purpose is to affect muscles, blood and lymph circulation therapeutically. Tense muscles relax and soften again, skins elasticity and appearance improves.

Massage is a great way to clear away tiredness. Also it is a good way for a masseuse to get to know with clients physics and for the client to learn how masseuse works.

Massage can be done all over the body or locally – depending on the problem. If you feel uncomfortable, masseuse is hurting you, or you feel nauseated tell the masseuse immediately.

Also you should tell about your health problems if there are any and traumas that have happened in the period of last two years. That way the masseuse can pay more attention on bigger problems, avoid some of the moves or use alternate ones or simply help you to relax.


  • muscle tensions, muscle pain;
  • reduced joint mobility;
  • wrong/bad posture;
  • tension headache;
  • slow blood and lymph circulation;
  • circulation disorders;
  • slowed intestinal motility;
  • weakened immune system;
  • sleeping disorders;
  • nervousness, slight stress;
  • seediness, depression;
  • tiredness from mental work;
  • alertness.


  • inflammatory sicknesses (fever);
  • intoxication;
  • brisk heart failure;
  • brisk kidney failure;
  • brisk liver failure;
  • thyroid diseases;
  • festering sores;
  • hemorrhages;
  • danger of thrombosis or embolism;
  • danger of miscarriage;
  • some skin diseases;
  • infections;
  • lupus, connective tissue.

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