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    About me

    Eviva Ltd. was first and foremost made to increase people’s knowledge of massage. The main purpose is to deal with every one individually, dwelling on their background and wishes.

    Kelli Palmiste


    I have finished International Massage Academy on the year of 2006, passing through a complete year and a half long curriculum of a masseuse, which, besides different massage types, included also anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, physiotherapy, movement therapy, nutrition and other related lessons.

    In addition to the sort of basic introduction I also took treatment specialization courses, such as massage for pregnant,- segmental – and in Yumeiho, intensive teaching in lymph therapy and later on kinesiological taping in lymph therapy.

    Practice I started my practice from school and after that I moved to a cozy salon near Kadriorg. 2008 I moved forward to a sport club “Metrosquash”. 2009 I made my own Ltd, so that I could do my work as I like and feel fit. In the sport club I got a lot of practice on different traumas, specific injuries and in the area of pathology. At that time I also took more kinesiological taping courses, which helped to do my job even better.

    M.I Massaažikooli tunnistus2011 I felt that my business side needs a better base and I headed to Denmark, where I got into Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Management department, specializing in Sport and Event Management. After 10 months of my studies in Aalborg I went to Brussels for 3 months for my apprenticeship, doing my job that I love. On the fall of 2012 I returned to Estonia and continued my work where it had stopped before.

    I am lucky working on a field I like a lot. I will certainly continue complementing myself and I hope that I can help people with my skills and knowledge by doing a qualitative massage.

    Lots of sun and positivism and hope to see you soon.

    Masseuse Kelli Koppelmann